Short Note on MORNING WALK
short note on morning walk

Short Note on MORNING WALK

Short note on MORNING WALK

Short Note on MORNING WALK.
There is nothing like a morning walk to give a good start to our day. It is a useful and light exercise.

Every morning I get up at’ 5 O’-Clock and go for a morning walk.

Soft chirping of birds and a cool breeze greet me outside my house Everything is calm and quiet around me.

There is no rumbling of motor vehicles or any hurried movement of people. Fences on either side of the road smile at me with blossoms.

As 1 move on, the sunlight spreads and dew drops begin to glisten from leaves and grass.

The nature looks fresh and fills me with happiness.

The morning walk also gives my body the light exercise it requires in order to become energetic.

It sharpens our appetite and purifies our blood.

This cheerfulness and enthusiasm keeps me active throughout the day.

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