Short note on How I Spent My Holidays
Short Note on How I spent my Holiday

Short note on How I Spent My Holidays

Short note on How I Spent My Holidays

Short note on how I spent my holidays
Last Sunday was quite different from other holidays for me.

Summer vacations bring hope and joy for many.

We, four friends, had decided to go for a long ride on our bicycles, in the morning, we, assembled at my house and set out for the neighbouring country side.

As we entered the village, we were greeted by a pleasant breeze which accompanied us throughout the journey.

Going further, we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of greenery.

We were now riding through agricultural fields.

The atmosphere was tranquil and the air was fresh, free from all sorts of pollution.

We came across some villagers. Both men and women were simple in their attire and kindly in their looks.

After some time we found a brook with crystal clear water in it. There was a big tree on its bank.

We sat under this tree and ate our lunch. We rested there for a while. The sweet songs of the birds made us happy.

When we returned, it was evening and the green fields in the golden light presented a heavenly sight.

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