Short Note on Abacus. Best methods to improve a child’s math skills.
short note on abacus

Short Note on Abacus. Best methods to improve a child’s math skills.

Short Note on Abacus

Short Note on Abacus

Parents are constantly looking for the best ways to help their children perform better in school- specifically in mathematics.

And in recent years, the abacus math method has proven to be one of the best methods to improve a child’s math skills.

The benefits of this method were first discovered in Asia when schools started using the abacus again.

It’s proven to be a great way to nurture and encourage mathematical proficiency and speedy mental calculations capability.

Abacus Math Statistics

Surveys have shown that kids from Korea and japan ranks as the top performers in mathematic problem solving and overall math literacy.

A big factor behind this result is that schools in these countries use the abacus to teach young kids the basics of math.

It’s also an excellent way to master mental arithmetic since these kids aren’t too reliant on electronic calculating tools like calculators and computers.

Aside from that, abacus math is a good way aid kids in memorizing the multiplication table. The abacus is a great way to help children develop their visual skills since they would have to visualize the numbers that each bead of the abacus represents.

Abacus Math Brain Development

The most famous reason why this methodology works like magic is because it helps in the holistic development of the brain.

Children use both their hands to move the beads of an abacus to perform their calculations. This causes your brain and your hands to communicate quicker.

More and faster communication between the brain and other parts of the body stimulates brain growth and strength.

Now, it is important to note here that your kid will get the most results from abacus math is he or she is exposed to this method of learning as early as possible. Ideally, before he or she is taught traditional arithmetic- this will avoid conflict.

Abacus math promotes the simultaneous use of the left and right brain of a child. The left brain is in charge of logical or mathematical development and the right brain is about creativity development.

A child develops mental arithmetic skills faster through this method because of its effects on the brain.

The abacus has been regarded as a great tool for learning math. It’s an excellent way to learn arithmetic faster. And let’s face it; it’s much more interesting than the strict and rigid way that math is taught at school.

The abacus may be an ancient calculation tool. But that doesn’t it is not applicable or useful anymore nowadays. The abacus guarantees a brighter future for your children.

Abacus with Counting Addition Subtraction Maths Toy

Abacus is Best for child development

  • Made of wood with safe and non-toxic materials

  • 55 colourful beads & 2 interchangeable

  • Bright colours Play for growing skill sets

Abacus math is great proof that the past and the future can be bridged perfectly.

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